Spirit Releasement Therapy

B bullets 6 dark blue stars on white aa-img026_crSpirit releasement in Bristol

This is a lesser-known cousin of past life work. In deep trance, some people have the experience of thoughtforms with a subjective quality of “not my thought – belongs to someone else.” Together we ask the thoughtforms to leave, which they always do, and the person feels a great sense of liberation and clarity for life to move forward. In California these thoughtforms are regarded as being ghosts and “entities.” But that’s California. For me it’s like asking if past lives are real; who knows? who cares? – the healing is real.

It’s all a bit weird, and people are reassured to know that this is really quite common and not in any way a sign of madness. After all, if you really look, a whole bunch of the thoughts which feel like “my thoughts” aren’t really ours at all, but come from the culture of the age we live in or from what our parents thought. So it is normal to harbour thoughts which are in truth not our own.

Believe me, I’m not some kind of Californian weirdo – I wouldn’t choose to go looking for ghosts and entities. I first came across this work on a training course in California, and assumed that this was one of those things that only happen in America. (For example, psychiatrically, multiple personality disorder is overwhelmingly a US phenomenon.) I was quite surprised to find this is not uncommon in this country.

This situation is commonest in emergency workers such as police, firemen and paramedics who start to get dragged down by painful situations they have witnessed. It also occurs in teenagers who listen to too much satanic rock music. And it features in addictions, sometimes even ones as commonplace as smoking. It can happen (rarely) that someone in trance experiences they smoke because “someone else is smoking through me” and when we ask that other “someone” to leave, the person can finally quit smoking through normal methods. Yes, it is strange. But pragmatically, it works.

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