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Also see my   fees and   office hours  for individual psychotherapy and couples therapy in Bristol.

If you are ready to work towards real change in any area of your life, email me directly to set up a half-hour preliminary meeting. There’s no charge for that, and no obligation to proceed further.

If you are enquiring about couples work, please let me know the name of your husband, wife or partner.

Also, please give your phone number, which the booking system uses to send confirmations. I will never phone you.

Note that unlike the majority of family constellation practitioners, I do not do one-off standalone constellations. See here.

My email is

The office address is 7 Unity St Bristol, Avon BS1 5HH.  It’s opposite College Green. For parking, the low-level exit from Trenchard St multi-story is very close.

Office hours and fees

Here are my   fees  and   office hours  for individual psychotherapy and couples therapy in Bristol.

Map of 7 Unity St, Bristol, BS1 5HH

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What my clients say

You are really, really a very kind person. Thank you for your effort and advice in helping me!

I was never convinced counselling would work. But your approach and your ability to use different methods to suit individual needs has truly changed me on a deep level.

The very first session I had with him was so helpful and powerful that I recommended him to two other people straightaway.

Andrew works gently and safely and I felt held in a safe space throughout the session.

I have made some major breakthroughs in sessions with you.

I was blown away by your insightful and transformative approach.

A different approach from other therapists I have seen before, so that I have finally solved my problem.

More happened in the first session I had with you than in 4 or 5 sessions with a counsellor.

[Your hypnosis] was remarkably effective and entirely different and tailor-made for my individual needs and experiences. Thank you!!!

Although counselling was new territory for me, it was invaluable and worth every penny.

Had a massive effect on my relationship. Learned loads of really good stuff – surpassed my expectations.

Andrew is one of the best therapists I have ever worked with. If you want to make a breakthrough with an issue in your life or relationship, I highly recommend…

I have made some incredible progress and I am now in an intimate and happy relationship thanks to your help.