Fees in Bristol

Fees for individuals and couples

>>>> Re covid, October 2021: I’m starting to see clients face to face again; see here for more. <<<<

A bullets 14 wavy red vertical aa-img024_crMy fees for individuals are £60-00 per hour.  The first session is always two hours, therefore £120-00. Subsequent sessions are one and a half hours, ie £90-00.

For couples, if you are both in employment or are financially established, the rate is £80 per hour. The first session, as for individuals, is 2 hours and therefore £160.The following  sessions are 1.5 hours, ie £120. (See note below.)

    • An initial half-hour introductory meeting is free of charge.
    • The time between sessions is up to you and is not meant to be weekly. Most people choose three or four weeks. A few people come fortnightly. Longer than a month can work at times.  I find 1.5 hours sessions more  useful than one-hour sessions. And I do want the work to be very effective and useful – I’d like that people look back and feel it is the best money they’ve ever spent.
    • There is no commitment  a fixed number of sessions.
    • First session money-back assurance. People often tell me how hard it is to choose a therapist. In Bristol, if you have not met me previously, and you find by the end of the first session that my work is not what you need, then there is no charge for the first session. No quibbles and no questions – no charge.
    • Fees are payable at the end of each session by cheque, by cash, or by bank transfer from your phone.
    • There is a fully-refundable deposit against missed appointments and last-minute changes per my T&Cs  of £25. This is payable at the first session, and refunded in full out of the cost of the final session provided there have been no missed appointments or last-minute changes. [Please IGNORE this over Zoom, I am  not charging this for online sessions.]
    • Couples fees. If you really can’t afford the higher rate, please say so and I’m open to charging the same rate as for individuals.  Having two rates is an experiment in cautiously, cautiously  feeling out a sliding scale of fees. Some of my clients are millionaires, some very much not.  I’d like to charge accordingly. That’s not common here in Britain. So I’m making a first tentative experiment with higher fees for couples who are either both in employment, or are financially established.

Some explanatory notes

  • My hours are not 50 minute “therapy hours”, but full-length 60 minute hours. I do 2 hour / 1.5 hour sessions so that the work is not interrupted just at the most valuable moment.
  • There is no advance commitment to a fixed number of sessions. You come as long as it is useful.
  • I work evenings (and very rare weekends). You don’t have to commit to the same time of day for each session; each session is flexibly scheduled.
  • This work does not require endless sessions. I see most people for between five and ten sessions. Some I see for more, some for less. This is in line with various research into the best length for effective brief therapy. I see some people for ongoing long-term psychotherapy, normally at 4 or 6 week intervals.

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  • Breakthrough sessions – explanation and fees - An intensive session, often called a breakthrough session, is an extended-length session, normally between 5 and 8 hours (with breaks!), designed to make a real breakthrough in a concentrated time.
  • London terms and conditions - In London I am at present only doing one-off intensive ("break-through") sessions. I am not doing ongoing therapy.
  • How long does it take for life to change? - Brief therapy is cost-effective. Pivotal changes do not have to take long. Often, a process of deep and lasting change can be quickly initiated. At the same time I want to advertise honestly and to offer inspiration based on realism, "hope without hype."