Help with emotional problems in Bristol for individuals

Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for individuals in Bristol

A bullets 3 red stripes on yellow aa-img028_crMy combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis is different. Indeed not uncommonly clients who’ve been to other therapists tell me that I am the first person who has actually helped them. I use both treatment methods aimed at here-and-now action in everyday life (eg solution-oriented therapy, cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy).  And I use methods to heal deeper, or hidden, emotions (hypnoanalysis, inner child healing, family constellation).

My work is effective, empowering, honest and respectful, with a warm and human approach.

There are many hypnotists and psychotherapists in Bristol. Research proves a key factor is how you get on personally with the counsellor, so you are welcome to meet me for a free half-hour initial meeting. (Bristol only.)

Issues I help with

Here are just some of the endless variety of issues I have given individuals help and guidance with over many years. If I can’t help for any reason, or I feel you would be better with a different therapist, I say so at once.

There is a beautiful Maori proverb: “When you turn towards the sun, the shadows disappear.” If you are ready to turn towards the sun, my work is for you. Remember, even if clouds are making the noon sky dark – the sun is always there.

● Bulemia ● Anorexia ● Weight loss ● Eating disorders ● Negative thinking ● Excessive drinking ● Alcohol abuse ● Habits ● Depression ● Lack of confidence ● Eating problems ● Moving forward ● Weight loss ● Relationships ● Relationship breakup ● Relationship pho~bia ● Divorce ● Emotional pain ● Inner-turmoil ● Regaining control ● Anxiety ● Stress ● Internet addiction ● Pornography addiction ● Embracing leadership ● Irritable bowel syndrome ● IBS ● Fears phobias ● Vaginismus ● Inability to orgasm ● Erectile dysfunction ● Premature ejaculation ● Assertiveness ● Coping with redundancy ● Emetophobia (fear of vomiting) ● Post-traumatic stress ● Sexual abuse ● Fear of entity possession ● Stopping smoking ● Sleep ● Insomnia ● Becoming unstuck ● Career choice ● Rediscovering meaning ● self-esteem ● Inner conflicts ● Eczema ● Interview nerves ● Exam-nerves ● Driving-anxiety ● Communication ● Motivation ● Panic attacks ● Resentment ● Anger ● Anger management ● Bereavement ● Grief ● Guilt ● Shame ● Trauma ● Creativity ● Childhood trauma

Hope without hype, realism plus inspiration

I want to advertise honestly. I want to offer hope without hype, inspiration based on realism. All these issues can occur on a spectrum from mild to severe. Treatment ranges from simple counselling to, at the extreme end, very specialist intervention – eating disorders can be life threatening. Inspiration is that the voice that says “I am a hopeless case” is virtually never, ever true. Change and healing are always possible.  Realism is that some things take time. It doesn’t need to take long for a seed to germinate, but then some trees grow very rapidly, some more slowly. No therapy can make that different.

And, realism is also that life really, really can change – starting now! There is a beautiful Maori proverb: “When you turn towards the sun, the shadows disappear.” If you are ready to turn towards the sun, my work is for you. Every week I see the dramatic change from lifelong hurt that happens when people turn towards the sun.

For information on cost and length of hypnosis / psychotherapy sessions in Bristol see here.

To make an appointment, or to find out if I am the right Bristol psychotherapist or Bristol hypnotist for you, please just ring and speak to me directly. I’m happy to talk or to arrange a free half-hour introductory meeting. Please click here for contact information. There are some issues I don’t deal with, I’ll let you know if that is the case.

  • Depression and negative thinking - More than any other problem, depression and negative thinking sing you the song: "Nothing will ever do any good, nothing will ever get any better." Happily, this is wrong.
  • Low self-confidence and poor self-esteem - Many people function brilliantly as nurses, plumbers, artists, mothers, fathers. Yet secretly they feel terrible inside; weak, unattractive, vulnerable, feeling their achievements are fraudulent.
  • The Basic Law of Emotional Healing - People are afraid of their sadness, anger and fear, afraid of overwhelm, despair, hurting others and harming their lives. So they do exactly the wrong thing - they run away from emotions.

What my clients say

You are really, really a very kind person. Thank you for your effort and advice in helping me!

I was never convinced counselling would work. But your approach and your ability to use different methods to suit individual needs has truly changed me on a deep level.

The very first session I had with him was so helpful and powerful that I recommended him to two other people straightaway.

Andrew works gently and safely and I felt held in a safe space throughout the session.

I have made some major breakthroughs in sessions with you.

I was blown away by your insightful and transformative approach.

A different approach from other therapists I have seen before, so that I have finally solved my problem.

More happened in the first session I had with you than in 4 or 5 sessions with a counsellor.

[Your hypnosis] was remarkably effective and entirely different and tailor-made for my individual needs and experiences. Thank you!!!

Although counselling was new territory for me, it was invaluable and worth every penny.

Had a massive effect on my relationship. Learned loads of really good stuff – surpassed my expectations.

Andrew is one of the best therapists I have ever worked with. If you want to make a breakthrough with an issue in your life or relationship, I highly recommend…

I have made some incredible progress and I am now in an intimate and happy relationship thanks to your help.