If you’ve previous experience of personal development work …

If you have previous experience of hypnosis, therapy or counselling …

If you’ve done previous personal development, my work will be familiar in some ways, different in some others. Over many years, clients who’ve been to previous therapists have been kind enough to tell me that I’m the first person who has really helped them. I think one reason is that on my own journey I’ve explored therapy and meditation widely and deeply over four continents, methods that go far beyond well-known but ultimately  limited techniques such as CBT and NHS-style mindfulness. Perhaps as a result, I seem to find it easy to see past the negativity and “impossibilities” which fill our mind when we have a problem and to connect with the living essence of each person – the strength, the serenity, the love, the joy. I feel it is this human factor, rather than any “technical” difference, that makes what I do different. What I do works because I really trust everyone is truly OK, and people feel that.

Here are some links to pages on the site which may be of interest.

  • CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy) – a critique - Human life is about joy, discovery, courage, truth, adventure, love, spirituality, following the inner voice, commitment, sex, passion, joy and fun. These are not words you would find in a CBT textbook.
  • A consumer’s guide to types of psychotherapy - Here's an overview of a good many of commonly known types of therapy, evaluated in the light of my own experience of what works and what supports love, life, laughter and learning.
  • Family Constellation Therapy in Bristol - Did your parents divorce? Did your mother, before you were born, have an abortion? Did your grandfather risk death or kill the enemy face to face in WWII? Any of those things may well be the most important event in your own life.
  • Meditation and mindfulness in therapy - The spirit meditation of meditation ("mindfulness") is basic to how I help people. The Western understanding of meditation is often confused – even by many people who write books about it.
  • Solution-oriented therapy - Solution-oriented brief therapy (SOBT) is a less-famous cousin to CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy), proved by research to be as successful as CBT but in half the time. It has an inspiring and empowering worldview of human nature and I'm a big fan.