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“Hypnosis really works” … “a magnificent therapeutic tool” … “Hypnotherapy cures panic attacks” … “a powerful medical treatment” … read more that the press say about hypnosis.

In the last few years, hypnosis has gone mainstream. Here are a few of the many news media reports which have appeared.

Hypnotherapy in The Guardian

Hypnosis really works” … “a magnificent therapeutic tool

Hypnotherapy cures panic attacks The writer experienced panic on the London underground after the terrorist bomb attacks.

Hypnotherapy in The Independent

“a powerful medical treatment”

Hypnotherapy on the BBC

Hypnosis ‘reduces cancer pain’ Childhood cancer patients suffer less pain when placed under hypnosis.

A knee operation with purely self-hypnosis as anaesthetic – amazing!

Hypnosis ‘doubles IVF success’ Hypnosis can double the success of IVF treatment by helping women to relax, say researchers.

Stranded boy flies back from Dubai under hypnosis

Hypnosis for the people All doctors should know how to perform hypnotherapy on their patients, according to a US expert.

Pain-free labour under hypnosis Women are increasingly turning to hypnosis techniques to help them beat the pain of childbirth.

Hypnotised patients ‘feel less pain’ Giving patients a form of hypnosis helps them cope better with the pain and anxiety of minor operations, doctors have found

Hypnotising the pain away Hypnosis can help to cut down the use of general anaesthesia in surgery, a hypnotherapy conference will hear.

The power of the mind Some uses of hypnotherapy within the NHS

Hypnosis for IBS

Hypnosis brings effective long-term healing of IBS The latest medical research shows that the very high success rates which hypnotherapy has with IBS are sustained long-term after the course of treatment has finished.

“Imagine your guts as a river…” An interview with Dr Peter Whorwell, the British doctor who is one of the international leaders in theuse of hypnotherapy to treat IBS on the methods he uses and the popularity with patients.

Hypnosis “can ease bowel illness”  A report in the British Medical Journal recommends that psychological treatments including hypnotherapy be recognised as best-practice for dealing with IBS, and laments the shortage of appropriately trained staff within the NHS.

Hypnotherapy in Newsweek

From Newsweek’s edition on mind-body health

Research into relaxation on diabetes 

Hypnosis in National Geographic’s website

Some science behind hypnosis

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