The dragon and the treasure: the law of emotional healing

bullet waves 10 red yellow bright aa-img030_crThe dragons and the treasure: the truth of emotional healing

Change happens on different levels. Life-change methods like coaching, solution-oriented therapy, CBT  (cognitive-behavioural therapy) and workplace NLP deal mainly with conscious thoughts and actions. You experiment with doing things differently, or take a different perspective, or set old thoughts aside; you “change your mind.” This is very powerful work and with some clients, it is all I need to do.

But sometimes, behaviour patterns have emotional roots and you need to look deeper to find the magic inside yourself. That can be scary.

When we fear judgement, it is immensely healing to find instead acceptance. So I aim to create a safe and non-judgemental climate for the work.  I am very accepting and forgiving of the dark places which people fear inside themselves. That acceptance isn’t just “professional.” It comes from being extremely honest with myself during thirty years of my own inner journey.  I’ve looked into all sorts of emotions inside myself and found that when I do so, what lies beyond is peacefulness and joy; always.

Old-style therapies could easily focus on the bad feelings in such a way that the person felt worse and worse. As a result, NHS therapies such as CBT tend to either ignore the dragons completely, or with grim set resolution focus on the positive. Sometimes this works, but it has severe limitations, because the dragons are still there. My approach is to make friends with them.

What I am is good enough if I would only be it openly.
Carl Rogers, pioneering American therapist

If you’d like to begin to make friends with your dragons and liberate your treasures, give me a ring. I’m happy to answer questions or arrange, in Bristol, a free, no-obligation half-hour introductory meeting. My approach is friendly, respectful, and very effective. Please click here for contact information.

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