Love, meditation, and what this blog is for

Love, meditation, and what this blog is for

Most people long for love. Many live their whole lives seeking but never finding it.

Very few people long for meditation.

Yet love and meditation are integrally one. When we rest deeply inside ourselves, love arises – from within. When we find a love partner outside ourselves, challenges will arise which can only be resolved within ourselves, by loving parts of ourself we had feared unlovable.

Without meditation (whatever that may be) you cannot have deep love. Without love (whatever that may be), you cannot have deep inner connection with yourself.

If that doesn’t make much sense, don’t worry – this whole blog is to explain it more. And to explain how I see therapy, as poised between love and meditation.

For most people in the world, this whole arena of therapy, meditation, and personal transformation has little relevance. It’s weird, it’s irrelevant, “for others not for me”, “for people with mental health problems”. Which is a profoundly pity, because the great majority of people (yes, the great majority) are living lives of misery, lovelessness and joylessness. We don’t notice because the situation is simply so universal that we think it’s normal.

People mostly only wake up and start to change their lives when the pain becomes acute in a crisis such as a divorce or depression. Then, reluctantly, they seek some kind of  help. I hope that in time the blog will grow into a creative person’s  guide to personal development.

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