Hypnosis in Bristol for driving anxiety

C bullet 8 blue swirls aa-img022_crHypnosis for fear of driving and motorway phobia in Bristol

Do you have a fear of driving in general, or a fear of motorway driving? Few people will admit to it, but if you do, relax – you are in good company. Research into driving anxiety (also called “driving anxiety disorder”) by the RAC Foundation shows it is surprisingly common, especially fear of motorway driving. And it can be enormously benefited by hypnosis and CBT-style self-help tools. As Sheila Rainger of the RAC Foundation states: “Driving anxiety is entirely treatable and there is lots of help available.”

Whatever type you are, good news! I’ve used hypnosis and other effective methods to help many people with motorway anxiety in Bristol to be relaxed and safe drivers. In fact I’ve had people on the phone in tears telling me how grateful they were. Don’t be afraid if your fears seem stupid or shameful. I work gently and respectfully.

If your confidence has been knocked by being in an accident, you may be suffering from mild or severe post-traumatic shock (PTSD). Again, therapy can be gratifyingly effective for this. The way you think changes from “After the accident I don’t like driving and I’ll have to avoid it” to “I have a degree of PTSD and I can do things and resolve that.” I use methods including EFT and solution oriented hypnosis to re-programme the unconscious mind, to change your core beliefs and to release old feelings.

I aim to be honest in my advertising. Driving anxiety is like performance anxiety: I can help a pianist to enjoy performing, but that won’t automatically make the person a better pianist. They still need to practise. So some drivers need more practise, or a few driving lessons. The difference after working with me is the level of confidence and relaxation which they begin to approach driving with.

The RAC foundation (see link below) did some research and divided anxious drivers into “anxious avoiders,” “stressed survivors” and “phobic forsakers.”  Whichever you are, take the first step towards driving safely and confidently: contact me today to arrange a free, no-obligation half-hour initial meeting. My approach is friendly, respectful, and effective.

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