Coronovirus update Oct 2021

Oct 2021: I’ve started seeing clients face to face once again. (My office is 7, Unity St Bristol BS1 5HH.)

This is long overdue and very welcome. At the same time, Zoom has been really excellent, a surprising discovery that caused me a mixture of relief and amazement. Zoom is so good that I wouldn’t want to abandon it, and nor would many of my clients.

So currently I’m working out how to do a mixture of Zoom and face to face meetings, in a way which hopefully works for everybody. It may be that some clients want to be only on Zoom, some are only face to face, and some are a mixture. That’s a logistical jigsaw and I’m feeling my way with it.

My current, incomplete, arrangements include:
— morning sessions (ie starting at 10:30 am) will all be online, with rare exceptions.
— the half-hour initial meetings will for the moment mostly be online. That will hopefully change but it makes things a lot simpler as I piece the new schedule together.