Coronovirus update November 2020

Back in July I imagined I’d be in my office again by now! Being less naively optimistic now, even when the current lockdown ends I’m going to wait and see, possibly until a vaccine materialises in the new year.

I assume that 1.5 hour face to face meetings in a small room are high risk with or without a mask – and I find it hard to picture doing therapy wearing masks. I did some sums (anyone remember the binomial theorem from school …?). If I go back to face to face meetings just as before, there is a roughly a one in ten chance that in four to six months, I would not only get infected, but very possibly be a super-spreader and infect six or even 10 people in the asymptomatic early phase of the infection.  A similar calculation applies to any other therapist. My professional body continues to recommend Zoom.

Happily, Zoom has worked really well. This was both a relief and a surprise. Yes of course,  something significant is missed.  But on balance it’s not something so pressingly essential as to to make me throw caution to the wind.