Is this the mouth of the River Frome?

Is this the mouth of the River Frome?

Bristol’s hidden rivers.

By Andrew White.

The unconscious mind works like this, that sometimes we find ourselves doing things that we didn’t choose or decide to do. To my absolute surprise, in the last couple of months I’ve become fascinated by the history of Bristol’s harbour. It’s amazing 1800s engineering from the days when a community, a city, could create their own future with their own hands by their own vision and their own bold action.

Mouth of the Frome to scale

Mouth of Frome in scale with ladder

Mouth of the Frome - close up

Mouth of Frome location map
Is this the mouth of the part of the River Frome diverted through Mylne’s Culvert into the Avon New Cut? It’s so tiny even (today) at the lowest tide of the year. The cursor arrow marks what the camera is pointing at. This is looking across the New Cut from the Southville side towards the Bathurst Basin. In the top picture, the mud bottom right is the disused entrance lock of the Basin from the New Cut, and the grass top right is “God’s Garden“, the unexpected micro-park by that entrance. (more…)