Breakthrough sessions – explanation and fees

A bullets 3 red stripes on yellow aa-img028_crIntensive (breakthrough) sessions in Bristol and London

An intensive session, often called a breakthrough session, is an extended-length session, normally between 5 and 8 hours (with breaks!), designed to make a real breakthough in a concentrated time.

If you live close enough to Bristol to do regular 1.5 hour sessions, then I do not usually do breakthrough sessions. I prefer in that case to do normal sessions.

And in London, I curently do only breakthrough sessions – though many people from London find it is cheaper and easier to come and visit me in Bristol.

I wish in all cases to advertise honestly. I aim to offer “hope without hype” – to give the inspiration that radical change really can happen, and, at the same time, there are realities to be faced. No matter what their claims, no therapist can guarantee a breakthrough. I do however have a good degree of success.

Not all issues are suitable. Weight issues in general are normally not suited because weight takes time. Many other issues including emotional and confidence issues of all kinds work well in this format. Relationship issues, when a couple come along, are very suited.

To book an extended-length session we first need to talk at length on the phone.

Obviously we have a good lunchbreak, not charged, during such a concentrated process.

In Bristol: I work from Unity St, near the Council House (ie town hall) and close to a great selection of cafes and restaurants.

Fees for intensive / breakthrough sessions in Bristol are simply my standard hourly rate times the number of hours.

In London: Please see here for my London fees and venues.

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