I’m now accepting Bristol Pounds

I’m now accepting Bristol Pounds

I’m now accepting Bristol Pounds. For those outside the Bristol area, the Bristol Pound is a growing local currency (bristolpound.org) which is so solidly-backed that you can use it to pay bills to the local council.

And why …? More and more I’m looking for ways that my work can contribute in some small way to creating a better future. No individual is ever responsible for the emotional issues that bring them to do personal development work such as mine. We are all part of the wider whole which surrounds us, and the problems we have are our inheritance, not our creation. Of course what you do with that inheritance is entirely your responsibility and your creation! In other words, how you play the cards is up to you. But the hand you are dealt comes from thousands of years of human stupidity, poverty and violence.

The work I do with individuals gives me great joy. Yet at the end of the day, it’s a bit like being a medic on a battlefield. It’s wonderful to bring people back to health, but better they had never been hurt in the first place It’s better they were never dealt a difficult hand of cards. So I’m looking for ways that the skills and experience I have can contribute to the slowly but steadily rising tide of social change. How, where – very little idea as yet. Accepting Bristol Pounds is one tiny step in a good direction.

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